Reasons Why It’s A Popular Carpet Cleaning Method

When it comes to carpet cleaning, there are two main options: wet and dry. Both options have their pros and cons, but when it comes to homeowners, dry carpet cleaning is typically the preferred option. Here are 10 reasons why!

Top 10 Benefits Of Dry Carpet Cleaning

1. It’s quick

Whenever you need to do a steam clean of your carpet, you’ll need to either hire your local carpet cleaners to clean it for you, or you’ll need to buy or rent all the necessary equipment to do it yourself. Either option is somewhat expensive. However, if you use dry carpet cleaning instead you’ll have a much easier time getting your carpet clean. You can do this yourself, and at a fraction of the cost of steam – or wet carpet cleaning. 

2. Simple and easy

Because you don’t need all that heavy or complicated equipment for steaming your carpet, dry cleaning is a lot easier and way more simple. When you have someone come do it for you, it takes all the work off your own back. You’d have to move all your furniture around, clean the carpet, and then move it all back to its place. The machines are heavy and inconvenient. Even if you were to do this all yourself, it wouldn’t be as thorough of a job as if a professional had done it for you.

3. Eliminates carpet odors

A dirty carpet is as much an eyesore as it is a nose sore. A dirty carpet can house a lot of different odors, from pets and dirt to stains and even mold. It can all linger in the fibers of your carpet, and often you will find that a simple cleaning doesn’t get rid of your problem. When the odor is truly stuck in the carpet, no amount of at-home DIY treatment is going to be any help.

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4. Extends the life of your carpet

When you take good care of your carpet and protect it, it can last a long time. This includes regular professionally done dry cleanings. The more frequently they’re done, the longer the carpet’s lifespan will extend – within reason of course. 

Those areas of high traffic on your carpet are areas of greatest concern. You’ll want to have these areas cleaned more frequently, to prevent stains and odors from setting in.

5. Carpet will look better

The first thing people will see when they enter your house is often your carpeted floor. You’ll want to make a good impression for visitors, and having a filthy, stained, and stinky carpet won’t be doing you any favors. Almost nothing is worse than visiting someone with a nasty carpet withering away from neglect. Getting a professional dry clean done on your carpet will restore it almost to brand new.

6. Reduces stains

If your carpet has been the victim of a number of spills and now carries many stains, dry cleaning will help you get rid of them. This needs to be performed by a professional, as an at-home DIY cleaning is unlikely to remove the stains completely. Those that vanish will soon return. 

Besides the fact that your carpet will very well likely regain those lost stains quickly, you could also cause some damage as well. A professional dry cleaning business has the equipment and training necessary to permanently remove the stains.

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7. Prevents wrinkling

Depending on the type of carpet you have, wrinkling may or may not be an issue. But there are a good number of carpets and rugs made out of material that will wrinkle when exposed to moisture. When you employ a dry cleaning here, the risk of your carpet wrinkling is eliminated as no water is used.

8. No need to remove the carpet

With some other types of carpet cleaning methods, you’ll have to fully remove the carpet in order to get it cleaned up. That’s not the case with dry cleaning. This is a good option for those who don’t have any space to dry their carpet before returning it to the floor.

9. Prevents mold growth

Mold is a serious home invader which can potentially cause illnesses and is proven to negatively affect people with allergies and other respiratory illnesses. Getting your carpet cleaned frequently will help prevent the growth of these spores in your carpet fibers. 

10. Good for larger carpets

In homes with large carpets, especially those that cover multiple rooms, dry cleaning will be your best option. These are almost impossible to remove and will be difficult and unwieldy at best.

Along with space concerns, dry cleaning your larger carpets helps reduce the amount of time it spends wet, which in turn helps prevent the growth of mold in your carpet fibers.

In conclusion

Dry cleaning is the perfect option for those who need cleaning done that won’t leave them waiting for hours for their carpet to dry. If you have a large carpet or not a lot of room to dry it out after wet cleaning, consider hiring a dry cleaning professional to handle your problem. You’ll be saving yourself a lot of extra work.