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Hiring the right tradesman for the job

Finding the right type and quality of roof insulation (including roof insulated panels and insulation batts) is never easy and neither is finding someone to come and install it for you, for the right price. However, you can stop looking because we have been servicing the Gold Coast area for years and have an excellent track record in providing only the highest quality insulation, which is compatible with the regulatory standards set up by local authorities, in line with national guidelines. In fact, the R-Value of our products is well above the standard 3.5, which puts us right at the helm of quality and endurance. Notwithstanding the availability of such top quality products, we offer a wide range of products to extract the maximum possible benefits.

The amount of money saved on energy bills, in the long run, will more than make up for the initial costs.

Types of Insulation

The most common form of roof insulation can be found in glasswool batts, which come in different shapes and sizes, to ensure that they fit snugly and neatly within the joist spaces in your ceiling, thus allowing for optimal thermal insulation within the comfort of your home or office. Apart from glasswool, rockwool is also used for insulation purposes. These 2 products are non-hazardous and therefore do not pose a risk to your family, staff or the environment. It is within your right to request us to provide you with certificates, showing the tests performed on any material we provide. We also have a range of other insulation products including insulation batts and insulated panels for you to choose.

Pricing and Warranty

To arrange for a free quotation, without any obligations, kindly contact our offices by telephone or e-mail. We offer fast prices and will normally be able to give you a rough estimate over the phone. On larger projects we may need to inspect your property or have accurate measurements to give you a fair price. We provide free consultations or visits to your location, where we would be able to offer our input and also give you an idea of the total price, so that you may think about it before deciding. Normally it would take us up to 3 hours to provide a definitive quotation, which would include any and all costs involved. Some of this will depend on the state and size of your roof. The Masterbuild Roofing Warranty of all our products is also another very valid reason why you should choose us to manage your installation. Our insulation panels and batts rarely need to be changed and have been known to last for over 20 years, without ever requiring any maintenance. In any case, upon installation, we shall show you some basic steps to ways you can prolong the life of the product. These are simple tricks which are very easy to complete. Please note each warranty is given by the insulation manufacturer.We do give a basic warranty on all of our installs and offer free follow up visits should they be required.

Experienced Tradesman Your Can Trust

All of our highly trained staff has been certified to carry out the necessary insulation installations and have all undergone comprehensive training prior to engagement. We believe in the maximum health and safety precautions whilst carrying out our duties and leave no stone unturned to ensure that there are no loose strings in whatever we endorse or undertake. We assume full responsibility for what we install and guarantee results, based on years of research and tests from the manufacturers of our products. Contact Masterbuild Roofing Today for fast quotes and advice on your roof insulation.

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