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We know you’ve reached this page because you are looking for the most reliable and cost-effective roofing service provider in North Brisbane. And we know that you want a roofing contractor that will do the roofing job perfectly the first time so you won’t have to spend extra money for additional repairs or back job. Yes, there are plenty of roofing service providers in North Brisbane but only a select few offer the kind of service that’s not just satisfying but also light in your pocket. If you are in the beautiful side of North Brisbane and you want quality, affordable, and effective roofing service, you need MasterBuild Roofing.

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Anywhere you are in North Brisbane, the team at Masterbuild Roofing are ready to address your roofing concerns.

For over a decade, we have been servicing the roofing needs of home and business owners in the 48 beautiful Northern suburbs of Brisbane. Whether you are in the mountain, the forest area, the busy communities, or within the urban housing, we will always be ready to provide you with roofing wonders that you can’t find in any roofing service providers in all of North Brisbane.

World-class roofing services tailored to North Brisbane clients

We have tailored world-class and proven-effective roofing services for clients in North Brisbane. Be it for residential, commercial, or industrial roofing services, we have the right solution to your roofing problems:

  • North Brisbane New Roofing

    If you are constructing a new house or building, our new roofing service will surely blend with your master plan

  • Re-Roofing Northside

    For damaged or unmaintained roofs that need to be totally taken out and replaced with new roofs

  • Roof Repairs Northside

    .Are you having sleepless nights because of leaks and roof tile damages? We have tailored an effective roof repairs solution for North Brisbane residents

  • Roof Restoration Northside

    For roofs that are damaged but you don’t want them taken out, you need our effective roof restorations services

  • Roof Insulation

    Let your house breathe with our roof insulation service that effectively controls the entry of summer heat or the winter cold in your property

  • North Brisbane Commercial Roofing

    Perfect for new buildings, maintenance or repair. Whether your property is a high-rise building or a complicated architectural piece, we can deliver quality commercial roofing services for you

  • Colorbond® & Color Roofing

    Let your imagination come to life with our Colorbond® and Color Roofing services where you can pick the right color combination to make your roofs look stunning and beautiful

  • Guttering

    We also do guttering repair, maintenance, and installation of new gutters that will surely blend with your roof’s color and design

  • Asbestos Removals

    Our asbestos removal service is designed to ensure a hazard-free and safe living room or office spaces so you can breathe safely and sleep well knowing that you are free from the hazard of this cancer-causing element


If you are in North Brisbane and you need the right roofing partner, don’t let the inexperienced hands ever touch your roof. You could end up spending more on roofing services that do not actually address your problems. For expert roofing service, trust only North Brisbane’s most reliable roofing service provider. Call us now and see for yourself how we can bring back the glory of your roof!

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