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Our Re-Roofing & Roof Replacement services include:

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  • Roof Replacements
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  • Steel and Tiled Re-roofing

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Re Roofing

Re Roofing and Roof Replacements in Brisbane

Re-roofing is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to extend the life of your roof. Investing a bit of money now will save you time and expense in the future and assure your family’s safety and comfort in the years to come. There is a variety of materials you may choose for your new roof, with steel (meta)l being the most popular, due to its strength, endurance and aesthetic appeal. This face lift could also increase the value of your house and offer a breath of fresh air for you and your neighbours. We specialize in colorbond roofing due to its aesthetic appeal and durability. Our team have over 10 years experience in all kinds of new installations and replacements. When deciding to replace your roof you must take into consideration 3 main factors – profile, colour and material used.

  • Profile: The shape of your roof has to blend in with your house and surrounding area and must conform to local regulations.
  • Color: The colour also depends on preference and style whilst the material is probably the most essential focal point of the whole project.
  • Material: Without the proper material you cannot rest your mind at ease, as there is always the possibility that improper choice and installation would jeopardize the quality and durability.

We understand that the roof is the most important aspect of any house as it forms the shelter and frame for your family, which is why we can explain to you why we believe certain choices would be better than others. After all, you would surely not wish to compromise safety for an extra expense, would you? Having contractors come in to give your roof a face lift is a major project but one that is well worth the time and effort, so it is important to do your homework. The best way to go about planning to start your project is to engage the services of a professional and established reroofing company, which has been around long enough to understand your requirements and be able to provide a clear and concise re roofing installation plan and hopefully, affordable pricing to match! There is nothing worse than roofing companies trying to convince you that the most expensive replacement option would be best for you when you have clearly explained your approx roofing budget. In today’s economy everybody is feeling the pinch so we understand that expenses have to be kept at a minimum without compromising quality and safety of your family.


The tiling on the roof also has to be chosen with care, depending mainly on the average climatic conditions and the risk of an unstable framework aligning your house. Sometimes re-tiling is all that is required to bring back the glory to your old roof-top. Minimum makeovers are better than nothing at all and can introduce a sense of esteem and pride back to your house, in general.

Choosing the right roofing company

Making an appointment and obtaining a re-roofing quote is free when you contact us. All our work is guaranteed to last many years and we have seldom worked on houses where we never had to intervene, unlike the case of many other competitors, who charge a fee for paying you a courtesy visit every so often. Read the small print carefully when deciding to engage services of any re-roofing companies in Brisbane or the Gold Coast. There is nothing hidden or untold when we agree terms with you. Everything is written in black and white so that you can clearly see what you have paid for. Any issues or doubts are settled prior to our roofing contract, as we want to make perfectly sure that you are content with the arrangements.

For full details on our complete re-roofing services or if you would like a free consultation simply contact us today!

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