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Asbestos Removal in Brisbane

The History: About Asbestos

The use of asbestos was very much in vogue right up until the late 1980’s but was later revealed to pose a health and safety hazard and was ultimately banned by Australian and international authorities. The advantages back then for choosing asbestos were its versatility and strength and it was very common to find it being used mainly in insulation and fireproofing, due to the incombustible properties of asbestos. Unfortunately, the fibres found in asbestos were found to have been strongly linked to a number of serious health conditions, such as cancer, when inhaled. In fact there is even a specific condition caused directly by asbestos, which is called asbestosis. The lungs are the organ most affected by inhaling the fibres and lead to serious breathing problems. Because of this there has been a large scale effort to clean up unwanted and unhealthy asbestos in homes and commercial properties across Australia.

Qualified Asbestos Removalists

Although the use of asbestos has been universally banned, some households and properties still carry traces or even entire swathes of hazardous asbestos. Handling of asbestos, due to the aforementioned reasons, should never be undertaken without careful supervision by professionals. This is why we place partners from iAsbestos Removal Brisbane in the front row when confronting asbestos. The team are fully licensed and insured to handle friable and non friable asbestos. If you need asbestos removal then consider giving them a call direct on: 07 3102 3215. Exposure puts you at very high risk, which is why removal of asbestos is regarded as extremely urgent in our books.

Should you choose to contact us, whether by phone or e-mail to request pricing we will arrange a fee consultation time to come and inspect your property and assess the area that needs to be treated. The word asbestos triggers a chain reaction which means urgent and top-priority and we cannot stress enough the intricacies and delicate nature of the removal process. This is why we highly recommend that you keep your family away from harm’s way and leave the removal work to a trained professional who has experience in dealing with hazardous chemicals. We have enough experience and knowledge to handle remnants of asbestos with great care and follow all safety procedures required.

The Dangers if you don’t Remove Asbestos

Although the main use of asbestos was deployed outside of your house or property, usually on the roof, this does not detract from the dangers you are exposed to. Water tanks were another common use for the asbestos and this poses an even bigger danger, due to its association with water, especially if drunk. Contaminated water should never be taken lightly so if you believe or are unsure what material your water tank is made out of, then contact us immediately. We would be able to confirm or otherwise, almost immediately and be onsite within a matter of hours and perform any removal work required. Ignorance is seldom the cause of many accidental deaths so if you are not sure what material you have installed in the past and would like to be assured of its safety, then there is no harm in asking for a free onsite asbestos consultation in Brisbane or the Gold Coast. Once it has been confirmed that the offending material is, in fact, asbestos, we shall make immediate plans to carry out the removal process at a time convenient with you and your family. Do not wait for a tragedy to happen before you take action. You are responsible for the safety and security of your family and neighbourhood. The team at Masterbuild Roofing are only a phone-call away!

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